E-TEAM Consultants

E-TEAM has a roster of highly qualified, senior-level research and evaluation consultants with experience in areas such as juvenile justice, substance abuse prevention, mental health services, literacy- Pre-K through Grade 12, school reform, disabilities services, workforce development, and other areas of common education such as STEM, science, technology, engineering, and math, evaluation of National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, and criminal justice.

Name University
Anita Danaher – Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Texas A & M University, 2006
David Fetterman – Ph.D. Educational and Medical Anthropology, Stanford University
John C. Hanes, Jr. – Ph.D. Educational Research Methodology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro(UNCG), 2000
Michael J. Herrick – Ph.D. Work, Community, Family and Education, University of Minnesota, 2001
Judith K. Inazu – Ph.D. Social Psychology, University of Cincinnati
Thomas E. James, Jr. – Ph. D. Political Science, Ohio State University, 1976
Tania Jarosewich – Ph. D. School Psychology with Minor in Education Law, Kent State University, 2000
Ellen Kisker - Ph.D. Applied Economics, Stanford University, 1983
Michelle M. Kosmicki – M.A. Educational Psychology, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Evaluation, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2000
Maridyth McBee - Ph.D. Educational Research and Measurement, Oklahoma State University
Wayne D. Parker – Ph.D. Educational Psychology Research, University of Alabama, 1992
Rebecca R. Perry – Ph.D. Educational Administration and Policy Analysis, Stanford University, 1997
Tatia Prieto – M.B.A. Operations Management, University of Texas at Austin
Mindy C. Reiser – Ph.D. Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University
Laura Rizzardini – M.A. Sociology, Loyola University of Chicago, 1996
Nicole Schoenborn – M.A. Experimental Psychology, University of Central Oklahoma, 2001
Karen L. Yanowitz – Ph.D. Psychology, University of Massachusetts, 1995